Under Construction: A Devotional

Under Construction

For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.
- Hebrews 10:14

Today’s Scripture & Insight:

Hebrews 10:11–18

They just repaved this road, I thought to myself as the traffic slowed. Now they’re tearing it up again! Then I wondered, Why is road construction never done? I mean, I’ve never seen a sign proclaiming, “The paving company is finished. Please enjoy this perfect road.”

But something similar is true in my spiritual life. Early in my faith, I imagined reaching a moment of maturity when I’d have it all figured out when I’d be “smoothly paved.” Thirty years later, I confess I’m still “under construction.” Just like the perpetually potholed roads I drive, I never seem to be “finished” either. Sometimes that can feel equally frustrating.

But Hebrews 10 contains an amazing promise. Verse 14 says, “For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.” Jesus’ work on the cross has already saved us. Completely. Perfectly. In God’s eyes, we are whole and finished. But paradoxically, that process isn’t done yet while we’re still on earth. We’re still being shaped into His likeness, still “being made holy.”

One day, we’ll see Him face-to-face, and we shall be like him (1 John 3:2). But until then, we’re still “under construction,” people who anxiously await the glorious day when the work in us is truly complete.

By: Adam R. Holz from ODB or Our Daily Bread


I love this devotion and wanted to share it. We are all under construction, we are all in the process of changing ourselves, bettering ourselves, learning and applying the word of the Lord God. Our whole life is a journey, and the Lord God is our destination. As long as we are still here on earth, we are all still under construction.

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Thank you for that word it reminds me how God love us even if we are not deserve to that love He choose to be crucified on the cross to give us hope and to save us to eternal death. Lord Jesus Thankyou for your unconditional love and saved me from death Thank you Jesus.

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Thank Ms. @kianna for this insight and devotion. I really love the illustration of comparing us people as the road. Come to think of it the road is as tough as it could be, made of concrete or asphalt, it is made to withstand heavy rains, scorching heat of the sun, and most especially all types of land vehicles passing by day after day. But tough as it may, the one important thing it cannot do on its own is to repair itself, it needs someone or somebody to patch the damage.

My take on this is that, we might be tough as a person, it may be on our workplace, at school, at home, to our friends, but inside us something is broken. A part, a portion needs major repair, and on our own we cannot do anything to repair it. That is where our Lord and Savior is waiting, He has been longing for us to call unto Him because He is the only one who could fix us. Just like the engineers who repairs the road.


@IamRichardJohn I truly agree. God is a part of us and He is there to guide us in everything we go through. God made us in His own image and likeness. He wants us to be the best version of ourselves every single day. We are a work in progress and as we travel towards the path of God, we will be better.


Yes! Just when we thought we are not worth loving for, not worth caring for, we may sometimes think that we are so dirty because of our sins, God still loves us! He always did and will always will. We are beyond blessed!

Yes! And I just want to add that just like the roads, we are never really fine forever. Just like roads, time will come we will get damaged and needs fixing again. A never-ending cycle of being damaged and getting fixed.

Every day is a chance for us to be better. As we rest at night, God works wonders on us so we will be new again tomorrow. Every waking day is another chance to show to the world and to the Lord how we are slowly bettering ourselves with His help.

"They just repaved this road, I thought to myself as the traffic slowed. Now they’re tearing it up again! Then I wondered, Why is road construction never done? I mean, I’ve never seen a sign proclaiming, “The paving company is finished. Please enjoy this perfect road.”

Sometimes we get frustrated that our spiritual progress seems slow. May God help us to remember that we are still at work in our life, shaping us and helping us to become more and more like Him.

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Change is constant, @Jean. Just like the roads where thousands of cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. pass on it every day, we human beings are also facing thousands of challenges in our lives. With these challenges, we may be broken and need fixing, which in turn will make us better. It is a cycle of being broken and being fixed.

We are wounded soldiers living in a world full of disappointments and pain. Every day we undergo our own construction within us. God is the carpenter. When we experience and allow God’s love to change our hearts, we will slowly begin to see the changes within us. But it does not stop here because it is not an overnight process. We need to constantly feed our hearts with his love while we are here on earth. Only then can we have the victories in this life.

Thank you for sharing this reflection!:two_hearts:

Indeed Ms. @kianna it will be a never ending cycle until Jesus comes back to take us with Him in heaven. We might get frustrated by the cycle, it might be the same potholes being repaired over and over again. We might feel like there will never be a time for us to overcome this same potholes. But we should always remember that we have a patient and loving Father in heaven, who will never give up on us, and will do better than what we can imagine. We all need major repairs but our God is the best at rebuilding.

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Yes! He is just trying to help us be better and stronger. The constant breaking and fixing of ourselves will help us and mold us into stronger human beings! God indeed moves in mysterious ways! :yellow_heart:

Thanks dear @kianna for this devotion and @IamRichardJohn for the very good and well explained insight of yours. Well for me, I will stick with this phrases…

“When God wants to do something in your life, He will put you under construction…sometimes we don’t see what that construction will produce, but God sees every detail…”

Things happen to us each and every day according to God’s design and plan. I/You experience no coincidences and nothing is never happening because God is always doing something. What seem like interruptions to your day could be divine appointments sent by God to further your lifes’ construction. And the blessings we experience came not by our own doing but from God’s hand to enhance our spiritual formation. Let us accept God with arms wide open to help and guide us as we repair every details of our life. May God bless us all!:wink:


Yes, I could not agree more. Every day, we are a little different, there is always something new about us. He is constantly working on us. We just have to trust His plans, have faith in His plans, and do our part.

Yes, thank you for these wonderful word to start for our day. Exactly we are all in experiencing the process of learning about life and God.I believe this is only the start for us to reach God in the future.