Verse for July 7th

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

John 13:34 (NIV)

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This is a wonderful reminder for us all to spread love instead of hate. I see a lot of people on social media arguing, spreading rumors and fake news. This is not what the Lord God wants for us. When we do something, may it be to ourselves or to others, let us ALWAYS put in mind how the Lord would feel or react to it.


@kianna How you doin? It’s nice to have you back!

I believe, the world needs more love, love and love above anything else right now more than ever. Love your enemies, love your neighbors, your family, friends, man, woman, gay, black, white, brown, everyone. No matter how much we’ve been hurt or how the world have badly treated us, never ever let anybody turn us into the person we hate. Never take revenge and never become like them. Always choose to be kind and always spread love. God is watching over us and we must love one another just like how God love us. His love is endless, and we must follow his divine words.

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@kianna hi , how are you my sister in Christ, hope you are doing fine.
This is the greatest and lightest commandment we Christians received; but sadly,
sometimes it is very difficult for us to follow .As Christians, they have to see CHRIST IN US, by spreading His love for everyone. As 1 Corinthinas 13:1 says If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, BUT DO NOT HAVE LOVE, i am only resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.
It means that All the things that you do, if WITHOUT LOVE IT IS USELESS… LOVE is always the ANSWER

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God’s love is in our hearts by the power of the Spirit. This enables us to love others in a way that would be impossible otherwise…Sometimes, it is so hard to love our enemies or the person who hurts us and learning to love as Christ loves us is truly a life-long assignment…But, we have to practice this commandment as often as we can…

Hate is a feeling we all love to dwell on as of the moment. Facing this pandemic and having to live a life in the so called “new normal” really brings the hate in all of us. Not knowing who to blame and where to focus our anger against makes it more difficult. However Jesus is telling us to channel our anger and turn it into love. I would be a hypocrite if I will tell you that it would be easy to follow what Jesus is saying, but if we will have the perseverance to know our savior more and deeply learn about His nature; then changing hate to love will not be that hard. We just have to trust that Jesus’ nature is love, and when we have Him in our hearts then it will become our nature as well.

Amen! Hello, @Jean! I have been doing well so far, I feel slight progress in my health with the help of my mother. So far so good, thank you!

Hello, @Jojoy! Yes, thank you I have been doing well now. I am very blessed to have you guys and for praying for me. :blush:

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Thank you, @kianna for reminding us to love one another. How are you?
We are made by Christ with love. Love God and love one another, as He says. We are created in this world to be kind, caring, and loving to everyone and everything He made. Those who have compassion in their hearts are truly Christ-like. We should always be good to people even though they hurt us. Learning how to forgive is an act of love and an act of love is an act of Christ.

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You can show love to others by taking on what is weighing them down. Doing this reduces the load they have to bear and helps them through their trials. You can do that by being there for them like Job’s friends, listening, offer a shoulder to cry on, etc. Jesus bore the burdens of others and still does it today. He bore the heavy weight of our sin and took on our punishment (Isaiah 53:6). He bears our troubles and worries and gives us peace and rest (Matthew 11:28-30).

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I agree with @kianna, spread love instead of hate is key for our peace of mind as well as seeing one another with care and concerns with our neighbor also. We show our love with one another by our simple effort to help the needy. Love one another is God telling us to be more passionate and compassion to ourselves.

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Amen! When all the people in the world love one another, then the strong will not overpower the weak, the many will not oppress the few, the wealthy will not mock the poor, the honored will not disdain the humble, and the cunning will not deceive the simple.From the Cross, Christ teaches us to love even those who do not love us.

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hello, @hbbm14! Yes thank you I am doing very well :heart: Learning how to forgive is an act of love and an act of love is an act of Christ. I couldn’t agree more!!

Yes! such simple acts will really make a difference in someone’s life. Even by just being there for someone will mean the world to them :heart:

Yes, sir @Bhert! The Lord God want to see His people happy, united, and helping each other.

Amen, sir @Paulo_Juamis! :blush: