Verse of the day: August 8 💓

Verse of the day: August 8 💓


We are responsible for our temptations. God does not tempt anyone to do evil. Rather, He intends those struggles as opportunities to deepen our trust in Him.

Especially in the midst of hard times, we may feel angry with God and disobey Him, become unfaithful, and the urge to move away from Him. But God just wants to test our patience and faith. He wants us to draw near to Him. When we trust God, He gives us wisdom and courage to keep going whatever life throws us.

Dont let our temptations or short term bad desires keep us away from the glory of God. let us pray for ourselves first, let us pray that lead us not to temptation and remove any bad desires in our heart and mind that will keep us apart with God. God hates sins and sins are the reason why there is gap between God and man.

not because we are christians, it does not mean that we are not be tempted by the enemy, even Jesus was tempted by satan, we have the power to cast away those temptations in the name of Jesus.