Very Useful Article - What to do when other Chrisitians hurt you?

Very Useful Article - What to do when other Chrisitians hurt you?

Most times one could face hurt from a fellow believer. Most times it is not easy to resist ones emotion coming out of injustice. This article explains in many points how should one respond while receiving hurt from a fellow believer.

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Agreed. Very useful article.

I was a bit surprised when the article said under # 5, though. Maybe you can help, @Moses_C?

Under #5 it reads “Remember, Satan is the slanderer (that’s what “Devil” means),”

Since I had never heard that I checked both a modern dictionary as well as a dictionary from 1828, in case it was an archaic meaning.

Neither dictionary (freedictionary dot com and webstersdictionary1828 dot com) said any such thing. And the Bible says he is a “liar” and “the father of lies” — but not slander.

Again, maybe you can enlighten me on this @Moses_C?

This article is very helpful, enlightening and good. I would recommend it to all Christians on this site!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It was a good read! Thanks for sharing…Most of the time I get upset to those people who belittle my actions. Those people who judge me based on what they have heard to other people. But then in the long run I realized that no matter how good or bad you are in the eyes of the others, it is only God who will judge us in the end.