Walk with Christ experience External Life of Love and Joy by stepping by his Amazing Grace

For some believers in Jesus, spreading joy has a way to share our faith in Jesus can be the easiest thing we ever do. Some of us are just naturally nice and friendly. People might rarely have anything negative to say about us, and tell us they feel better just by being in our presence. Let’s use this to our advantage and influence them for Jesus by spreading joy about knowing Him and accepting him to Have our
Hearts! When our words are sprinkled with kindness and gentleness, we will draw people to ourselves instead of repelling them. Speaking with grace and kindness being More like Jesus Everyday is the Powerful walk in his Name. If you choose to do the kind things that bring a smile to someone’s face—a compliment instead of a complaint, a hand-written note of encouragement, or bringing them their favorite drink. When we do things like these, we’re telling them that we see them and that they have a friend in us. People who are joy spreaders are focused on others and look for ways to serve the Lord and loving the people around them brings many Blessings. This is the thing that I love to do Always help others in anyway that I can for my Jesus. It will come more naturally for someone who is Constantly doing this, for we were all called to exhibit joy in life Even in the Good and Bad Situations and make a difference in someone’s else’s life. I Always get these Questions, Why are you so happy?
Why do you say nice things to me?
Why don’t you have bad days?
Why do you always have a smile on your face?
Why are you nice to everyone? Hey I am Human
I have my ups as well as Downs just as you do. Nobody is Perfect for the Only one who is PERFECT IS Jesus
. I’ve seen how Grateful we are in him by seeing how much we can take the things he Gives for Granted Everyday. I’ve learned that life is to Short! That if you give it All to him the walk of Life is Alot alot easier
. Even though we are Perfectly made by God and Jesus lives within us we still can be Tempted over Sin, But remember that After Jesus died on the Cross and Arose to Heaven at the Side of God, he Went to Hell to snatch the
keys from the Devil set us All free from Obedience. Therefore we can’t blame it on the devil when fall into sin, for he has no Powers over Us. He wonders he roars like a lion but he isn’t one here on Earth. He entices us into sin but he can’t make us sin. We make a deliberate choice of our own to Do so.
So If Jesus descended in hell and brought for us all this Victory aren’t you ready to Walk and Fight the devil by Spreading the Praise Jesus Christ has Done by Giving us All what we have including Life! I am how about You’s Ready to take what rightfully what belongs to Us. Lord Jesus thank you for All things may this message bring Joy and comfort to Another Heart may they Learn something from this message. Walk with Christ experience External Life of Love and Joy by stepping by his Amazing Grace

Heather Lynn Keyser Purdy

Emanuela Robinson you are a powerful lady of prayer in our life reminded me of you

Louise Martin

Nice one! But Jesus never went to hell T… See more

Josh A J

Beautifully said. I want to always bring joy to those around me.in Jesus name.

Vernelle Daggerhart