Watch your senses for God sees you

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Reflection from God’s pen

God made your eyes, to see things that are great and helpful to your neighbors, not to easily glance at their faults.

Ears to hear the cry of the needy and not the boisterous rumors of thy own brother.
Hands, to touch the souls of those who suffer from spiritual hunger, to hold the fallen, not to push them to downfall.

Nose to breath the fragrance of the Creator’s character that everyday is an intake of good tidings.
Lastly, mouth to speak words that encourage not those that hate, to speak in patience, in goodness and in love.

Watch your senses for God sees you.

May everyone sense the Love of our savior, with the use of our senses.


Hello @Maya Yes! We need to use all the senses we have to empower us as followers of Jesus. Knowing God and witnessing for him involves using all our senses. He created them and intends for us to use them in his service. Don’t take them for granted! Engaging God with all five senses can be a valuable tool in our praise, worship and in our witness to others!

Recently, I’ve been wondering why it’s easy for people to judge and pinpoint others faults when they can’t even accept their own mistakes. Wherever you go, there are a lot of people who is interested in your life not because they are concerned about you but to gossip about you. Instead of correcting you in a loving way, they will talk behind your back especially at work. Some uses negative reinforcement; however, it doesn’t encourage people. It causes people to lose their confidence. I posted this on my facebook so that people will be reminded how to use their senses in God’s way. This is not only a lesson for them but for me too, so that I will not forget how to use God’s gift according to its purpose.

Hello, dear @Maya
Thanks for sharing this great reflection by God’s pen, It really is a great message because there’s a reason for everything. We don’t have 5 senses for nothing, it’s because God intended too, so with that, he wants us to use them for God. To taste only good things to our bodies, to hear the needs of the rest and his words of good, to see the beauty of the world and those who are in need, to touch and act on behalf of others and what is right and to smell what’s wrong and know when to evade it. He gave us this gifts, it’s up to us to use them.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.