WBFN "Don't Lose Sight"

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WBFN "Don’t Lose Sight"
"God Promises"
God has many promises for you.
I tell you this is true.
He is by your side in all you do.
On your worst days,
it is him that helps you
get through. He has promised
never to leave and will forever
love you. When others fail and
you are down, wear a smile not a
frown, for God promises to wipe away
your tears He has for all these years.
He takes care of his children
each and everyone.
Isn’t it wonderful to know that God is
everywhere we go. He has plans for
us that we do not yet know.
Let our minds be always on him,
he is our Father, Comforter and Friend.
written by Donna Golden
"Keep your eyes on the Lord &
you won’t lose sight of life’s purpose."
"God’s peace pillows the head
when God’s promises calm the heart.
For the eyes of the Lord run to and
fro throughout the whole earth, to show
Himself strong on behalf of those whose
heart is loyal to Him."
2 Chronicles 16:9
"Jesus says yes to all of God’s many
promises. It is through Jesus that
we say, Amen “Let it be so,” when we
give thanks to God. God is the One
Who makes our faith and your faith
strong in Christ. He has set us apart
for Himself. He has put His mark
on us to show we belong to Him.
His Spirit is in our hearts to prove this."
2 Corinthians 1:20-22
“An ongoing relationship with God
through His Word is essential to the
Christian’s consistent victory!”
-Beth Moore
put together by Monica
Walk by Faith Newsletter

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