WBFN " Feel like Giving Up?"

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"Never Give Up!"
When you are hurting and in tears
You’re being hit with many fears;
Supplies are meager, times are tough,
The mountain’s steep, the way is rough.
You labor well into the night
And still there is no end in sight.
It seems no matter how you try,
Your troubles ever multiply.
You’re all worn out and battle-scarred,
Your vision dim, your image marred.
Though all you see an empty cup,
Hang in there, dear, and don’t give up.
There’s One who’s kingdom’s upside-down.
You see a smile in every frown.
The time is short though it seems long,
And out of weakness you’re made strong.
Although brought low, He’ll lift you up;
Before your foes He’ll fill your cup.
In every storm you’ll find the calm.
In suffering there’s a healing balm.
That herb comes from a bitter plant;
It fills your cup though it seems scant.
When all is lost you will attain
A sweeter life, a greater gain.
So turn to the King who’s always there.
When you’re distressed just cast your care.
Your troubles last but for a while,
For after sorrow comes the smile.
And soon you’ll see a fuller cup-
Keep hanging on and NEVER give up!
by Anya Dixon McConnell
"Always pray and not give up."
**Luke 18:1 **

"Even youths grow tired and weary,
** and young men" stumble and fall;"**
but those who hope" in the Lord
** will renew their strength."**
They will soar on wings like eagles;"
** they will run and not grow weary,**
** they will walk and not be faint.""**
** Isaiah 40:30-31**

"No matter where you are in your journey of
** turnaround, God has set aside grace**
equivalent to the stage you’re in. Whatever
** difficulties may come your way, God has**
** already provided everything you need to**
handle it."–T.D. Jakes Ministries

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