WBFN "Fight Instead"

To each of us there comes a time,
when valleys we must face.
The walls seem steep, no end in sight,
yet always there is grace.
Each valley is a different trial,
and some are battles fierce.
We seem to face awesome giants,
whose armor we can’t pierce.
Yet when we fight instead of run,
and use what God deems best,
Then giants fall in sound defeat,
and we just stand there blessed.
Sometimes the battle waxes strong,
our foes just laugh with glee.
Yet when our voices lift in praise,
they turn in fear and flee.
The valleys seem to sap our strength,
and weary with the fight,
We cry out for relief and rest,
and God gives us His Might.
Debbie Isenbletter

“God is my strength and power,
And He makes my way perfect.”
2 Samuel 22:33

Mountains are moved by a mustard seed of faith,
and miracles abound. Even in the darkest times
a seed of hope is found. There are times our
prayers though answered are not as we’d have
them be. It’s in these times that an Angel for
strength is sent to you and me."
Charlene Dickerson

put together by Monica
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Amen! it’s encouraging

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