WBFN "Push the Slow Button"

Each day, getting up with struggles that burden you down can
make life so overwhelming. As you watch time go by so quickly,
you would love to have the button to make it slow down. I know
I am not alone and that is why I write this to you. I am Monica.
I share a part of my life that made all the
difference & really where my life truly began. I want to
take you back to 1994… I had been married for 3 years & our son
was 2 years old. I always wanted a family of my own, but I really
didn’t know how to enjoy my family, much less my life. I did not like
what I saw looking in the mirror. I dealt with so many negative
emotions (just a few - low self esteem, hurt, resentment…).
I didn’t know how to jump over them without falling flat on my
face. You know, as I do, that if you live long enough people will fail
you. You can be your worst enemy out of that hurt and anger. Going
day in & day out, I knew there had to be more to life then this.
I was overwhelmed with fear of death. The night I cried to God,
“Please let me go to Heaven I am afraid of anything else.” I finally
fell asleep. I woke up “It was the New Day I needed.” I had assurance
& hope I hadn’t had before. I started to read my Bible & Truth saved
my life. Jesus filled my life with meaning. There was a man that loved
me so much that He died for me. This is a love for us all. We just
have to see our great need for forgiveness. There will never be
enough people, drugs, drink, food, money or any other things or
stuff that can fill that empty void on the inside. This relationship
with Jesus has changed me. I know I could never have changed on my own.
It doesn’t mean life is always easy. It’s having someone in your life you
can truly trust & help you every step of the way - a much better life than
what I was living. Living day to day the Lord’s grace & mercy changes
me. If I fall he helps me up. Out of this changed life came
Walk by Faith Newsletter. I want to encourage others through their
struggles. You might feel life is hard, burdened & hopeless. You are not
alone. I want to introduce you to the one, Jesus, you can trust and rely
on. Now I am married going on 29 years to my best friend.
Our son is now 29 years old & lives on his own. God is faithful!
Thank you for reading. Please take the time to share with others.
If you have this HOPE, please pass it on. You don’t know
what your life story could mean to someone
else who doesn’t know where to turn.
written by Monica

"Therefore, since through God’s mercy
we have this ministry, we do not lose heart."
2 Corinthians 4:1

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