We as Christians DON’T get to point the fingers at other people and say who has the Holy Spirit and who doesn’t

We as Christians DON’T get to point the fingers at other people and say who has the Holy Spirit and who doesn’t.
Stop judging others, know your place and stop stealing the Lord’s job. Bless

Michael Romasanta

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So true and Lord please forgive me for the times I have been sucked into disputes.

Kimberley Kidd

A true Christian will never judge the person that’s not are job that’s god. I stopped judging people years ago and I’m so close to god he answers everyone of my prayers . It takes time and a lot of training but that’s why we must read the Bible for we can have it in our heads and train that way.

Eva Mungarray

Why? God tells us to make righteous judgements. The Bible shows us what to look for in Spirit filled people. All people who claim to be Christians say they have the Spirit. But the Bible shows us what people who actually have the in dwelling of the Holy Spirit are like. So if all the people in the Bible that actually received the indwelling of the Holy Spirit were exactly the same people today that receive the Holy Spirit should be able to-1) Take up serpents with no effects if bitten.2) Drink poison without effects.3) Heal the sick and lame.4) Give the blind sight. 5) Raise the dead. 6) know the scriptures correctly by memory be able to explain the actual meaning. No one today can do all these things. So we know no one today is indwelled by the Holy Spirit. We after the Bible was completed we receive the Word of God which is the Spirit and the Spirit the Word of God when we get it in our heart and mind thru Studying, learning and memorizing we will have the Spirit in us and receive the Fruit of the Spirit. This is how people will know we have the Spirit by our Fruit.

John Broussard

Find the best in people? They either have Christ or they do not. I’ll be honest, many people, those who are passive such as your statement implies that we should be, they have not understood the severity of spiritual warfare and have not considered the whole counsel of the Lord.We read in acts how Paul warned them, the church, for the space of three years, day and night with weeping regarding the wolves that would arise even from among them. All this even BEFORE things came to pass, as they had already began to. Now it is much worse than you think, and you and others come here to tell us that we should not worry or judge those from among our ranks.Have you ever had the anguish of the Lord over the sins of your people, your family, your friends? The same one as Nehemiah, Jeremiah, and others?That is why I couldn’t care less for how the world or passive believers see me, as harsh or less gracious, I know well enough what the Word says. And if you or someone doesn’t want to guard their faith by examining everything against the Word of God, that is sad, but it is not something I will do.Paul the apostle understood the severity of this raging war. People who have not lived the raging spiritual warfare going on usually are the passive ones who have not exercised their discernment and cannot tell between good or evil as it is written, them being immature.So words like these coming from Christians that don’t see the evil or that we should restore or rebuke him who has gone astray make me mad with righteous anger, for I have seen those who have come to repentance from being astray see very clearly that which is a holy conduct before God and that which is a false one from pop-culture Christianity.

Efra Garcia Jr.