We can make a difference

While we are at the start of a new year, I’d like to believe I am going to do some things differently.
The truth is I refuse to make any resolutions because I fail keeping them throughout the year.
But maybe instead of a resolution, I can bring about a ‘revolution’ that can create a stir. A wave of followers, both near and far.

What might this wave be, you might ask?
A wave of light over darkness,
Smiles over frowns, choosing love over hate, transforming glass half empty to glass half full.
We can create a atmosphere of radiance by beginning to see beauty in everything.
I know this sounds challenging.
Believe me, I’ve tried before.
But should we not try again… and again.

My past attempts at positivity fell at the wayside. I cowered in defeat, as I witnessed evil smirk and sneer at me, offering the words, “You’ll never get rid of me!”
No, we will always have the dark side with us.
But in that darkness, let us use our light to create a contrast and illuminate the way for others.

A constant burning of the light that shines in us all.
We can make a difference if we just “shine on!”