We can no longer be together because I am not Christian

I’m not sure what to do… my boyfriend of 3 years who’s helped raise my children has recently found God. And says we can no longer be together because I am not Christian. I am at a complete loss, he says God wouldn’t condone our relationship. He is a seven day Adventist, and wants me to follow exactly as he thinks a true Christian is according to that. He expects me to hold sabbath right off the bat. Even though I’m sole provider for my kids and I work weekends

Shay Myers

Go to church, read your Bible. He needs to have patience with and help you understand what you have, your family, all came from God. God wants your praise, faith and love. God doesn’t ask for much, in return you will have everlasting life with God.

Jo Ann Byrd Robinson

If we truly Love someone, seek the Lord together. And Truly fall in Love. God bless your Relationship in Jesus Name Amen.

Ricky Cantu

What a beautiful relationship you two could have if you invite Christ Jesus into your heart and put him in the center of your relationship

Linda Lakey Webster