We Need To Talk About Brandan Robertson

In reality, there really isn’t much to talk about. However, it seems there is this trend by Evangelical influencers on social media that want to debate him. There is a problem with that:

He’s just an Evangelical punching bag.

It is not a new revelation that Brandan Robertson is a known heretic. It just so happen that lately it is fashionable to debate him ever since this trend started just shy of 10 months ago. Each time, Brandan reveals that he retains no ability to produce a coherent argument from his pro-abortion circuit. The trouble with that is he is an easy target in a debate whenever an influencer needs a boost in subscribers, likes, and shares.

The mismatch of this mental bout is the equivalent of watching a debate between C.S. Lewis and Krusty the Clown. Worse, these folks hurt the debate skills of their peers each time they have another new debate with Brandan to only prove that he is an intellectual feather weight, something that has been firmly established in almost a year and not expected to improve.

Stop giving that guy the time of day. If you have to have a debate on abortion and want to show your mental prowess, then its time to find somebody else that might actually have some intellectual muscle.