We Should Put Signs Up, Saying IT IS OK TO SAY "NO"

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Reflection from Simon Icke

Many Christians in my experience find it difficult saying no to ever increasing demands on their time, sometimes to the detriment of their physical, emotional and spiritual health, not to mention the welfare of their families. Being a Christian doesn’t mean we should over burden ourselves with more than we can reasonably cope with. We need to prioritise what is really important to those we serve, but also realise it is OK to say no to other people’s request if we don’t feel comfortable taking on yet another task to please others. That is not God’s will for our lives. Do the best you can by all means but don’t over do things and don’t ever neglect your family for the sake of pleasing others. We should put signs up saying IT IS OK To Say NO…or everytime you take on a new task or responsibility , you need to let an existing task go. …No one can just keep taking on more and more, without it having consequences.

Yes, God also wants us to rest and put ourselves into too much pressure. Our bodies are from the Lord God so we must take full care of it. God understands us even if we say no to other people, this does not mean we care less, but this means we need to rest sometimes. We are simple human beings.