What are some of your negative habits that you want to change?

What are some of your negative habits that you want to change?

All of us have some bad habits or behaviors that we’ve formed over the years that are difficult to change overnight.

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Hello, dear @yevillanueva,
I was just thinking about it today, I have two things that I’d really like to change. I’m working on one, but the other one is on hold haha.
First one, for context I’m a person who’s constantly planning things, but in the execution of it I end up at half, is like I lack a little of willpower to end what I started. I’m already changing it and trying to push myself.
The second one is that I’m so impatient. It really frustrates me and makes me do the first negative habit as to control the anger I left the job unfinished.
Well, the first step in getting over it is accepting the mistakes so I’m on it haha.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

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I often lie because of personal reason. As much as I want to run from my past but can’t help it but still need to keep those lies for me to survive from people who will make judgement. Even though you could say it’s bad to lie but I think it’s part of being me. And Yeah I want to change and face the real me.

I think my bad habit would be letting people use me. I don’t know why but I have a habit of allowing people to use me for their advantage then I would end up very very hurt and lonely. Which leads to another bad habit of me being too hard on myself. I have been so stressed about people underestimating me just because I am a shy girl. So I try to work and strive hard to prove other wrong. So generally I feel like I have been living life by other people’s standards, which is very bad.

Same!! I jot down many plans whenever I feel motivated one night and when I wake up the next morning I just feel really sluggish and bad :frowning:

I think my bad habit that I am still working on is that I get pissed off easily. There are times when I tend to be a perfectionist. Whenever I see something off, I respond with silent treatment. But sometimes I take time to breath and compose myself then I confront the person involved in a loving way. :smile:

@yevillanueva i have two habits that i need to changes.

1st. My Habit on pressuring myself. Meaning we have goals in life and i want to reach that goal with a certain time. Because i don’t want to waste my time and settle for something that is not sure.

2nd. Lack of Confidence. because in my past year i felt like no one believes in me or in my talent even my family they have doubt for the things i do. I feel their support but deep inside i know that there is a doubt.