What are the acts of kindness that you've seen today?

What are the acts of kindness that you've seen today?

Amidst this pandemic, we’ve seen the worst and the best of humanity. Although, despicable acts shouldn’t be tolerated, let justice run its course. And for us, we should just focus on act of kindness instead and try to imitate them.

@yevillanueva: Here in the place where we live in, a lot of people are becoming generous. Everyone is busy preparing foods for the frontliners, to aged cares etc. In this time of crisis, we should always remember to be kind to everyone.

Aside from donation and simple good deeds that people nowadays are exhibiting, I’ supporting the fact that people are standing up against the injustices of how our government handles this crisis is an act of kindness and also bravery even only through the internet. It is nice for the people to have an empathy for each other.

Hi ! @yevillanueva
Today I am amazed by a tricycle driver who just goes around offering his help, especially to our frontliners. It’s so wonderful to see different people of different character are now in unity to help one another during this crisis that we are facing. Truly, mankind is kind afterall. Day by day we discover how big is the heart of humanity in whatever race or color it comes.

Today’s pandemic I’ve seen several people who wholeheartedly help other people by giving donations,foods and other necessities.But some were taking it for granted from politicians or from those who will run for next election day. They are really obvious taking it advantage for themselves.But I would like to say thank you to those people who really help without a word.