What are the giants in our lives?

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What are the giants in our lives?

What are the giants in our lives?
When facing Goliaths in our lives, know the battle is the Lord’s.

We all will face giants at one time or another in our lives. Whatever your giant may be, realize you can’t defeat it in your own strength, you need God…Call on God and pray for His power, and stay away from people or situations where you would be easily tempted and don’t let that giant back into your life again. And finally trust God…

We all have this in our lives, may it be a financial problem which we are so deep into that we feel like there is no way out, or may it be family which we are in conflict with, or a reputation so damaged that we don’t a have a face to show others anymore. All of this are my giants, it is not a big, powerful, scary human being but its a big obstacle I have to face and I have to defeat. Luckily for me even if I can’ t see way pass all of this, my God is blinding me with His grace. Finding a solution to all of these problems is very difficult, it’s like looking for a special weapon for each giant but with God, availing grace is very simple and easy. The grace and the love of God has been my weapon in defeating all of these giants in front of me.

For me, I think the giants in our lives are those situations us alone cannot fight. It is a battle where we need the Lord God with us. There will be a lot of giants along this journey of life, the only way to fight it is to ask for God’s help.

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For me, I believe that everyday is a battle that we should always try to win. We should not give up because God is there for us, cheering us on. God gives us the strength to fight our giants and conquer every obstacle we take. We need to do our best in everything. Let us all remember that win or lose, God will always support us because He loves us!

The giants in my Life right now is this Pandemic. Because of this i need to realigned my plans for the upcoming years specially on my career. But well all know that life must go on. I trust the Lords Plan for me. You as well also. Lots of challenges may come but stay in the side of our God and let Him do the Rest.