What are the most asked questions Non believers ask you

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The most question I got from non-believer is “how can you say that it is really God who is speaking to you?”

and “what’s in it with you? that is so different?”

How can I know your God?

How do you know that the bible is really from God and not written by any author like other books we can seen and buy in the bookstore?

The number one question a non believers has is, "If God is so good, strong and caring, why is there so much suffering in this world? "

I often get asked about the Trinity, the scandals in the christian church, and the bad things that happen all around the world when we keep confessing that God is Good.

People would always ask “If God is really real then why are people suffering? Why are people in pain Why is the world filled with bad people? Why is life so unfair?”