What are the things that you have personally realized from everything that is happening now?

What are the lessons that you have learned from the current crisis the world is facing today? Also, can you think of something good that has happened because of the pandemic that is happening?

Hello, dear @yevillanueva
You can always see some good things out of everything, even if it seems all black.
I have learned some, particularly, how something as little as a virus has manage to put the world in a global crisis. I think it’s a fact that every person and the governments have to invest in quality health services, you can never be too much prepared as it shows in this times.
I think something good is to manage to think about life, be able to accept his instant nature, and with it we can start to live a better and wonderful life, especially with Jesus and our Father in our heart. It also has helped me in praying and talking with him more than normal, being with more free time.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

These are not easy times. We feel for the patients and their doctors. But there are some good things from all the craziness that’s going on around us. I can name 3 – more time with family, people turn to God, and the earth is resting. These are good things, but I still really, really pray this ends soon.

It made me appreciate more the importance of human life. How precious it is and how we should value every second we have with the people we love.

Oh, and of course, the importance of teamwork. How people help one another, giving masks, food, clothes, water. And how grateful we are for having such courageous medical workers. They risked their lives to save mankind.