What are we going to look like in heaven?

What are we going to look like in heaven?

'Can’t wait to see God in person as He welcomes me through the pearly gates, but I have always wondered what we would look like in heaven. We won’t go hungry so do we need to still have a stomach, mouth or teeth? There’s no hot sun over our head, so do we still need hair? And so on

Hello, dear @eestioko
As you have said, we won’t have limitations that our terrenal bodies have, to me it basically becomes anything you want.
And I’m talking just in my opinion, and imagination (with the limitations that it applies), but I think you’ll perceive yourself in the form in which you feel the most confidence or satisfaction. As when you were a child or an adult, or any way you think, as you’ve said we won’t need to eat, so it basically becomes what your heart and soul feel at the moment.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Makes a lot of sense and encourages imagination. Either way, can’t wait to be with our Savior in eternal glory – away from COVID-19 and all other viruses and diseases :slight_smile: