What are your fears?

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What are your fears?

Have they prevented you from doing what you’ve always believed you should do?

Hello, dear @MakkaPakka,
I think my only real fear is the fear of being completely alone. Maybe if you want to go a little bit more abstract, the feeling of being in the void or the nothingness.
Of course with God being by my side, this fear is overcome. But you know about the fears, you may overcome it but you don’t forget it.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

@Luis_Ruiz: For me my fear is suffering from any illness with no cure, because I fear that I could no longer fulfill my mission of helping other people who are in need. But of course God is with us, and we can conquer our fear if we put our trust in him.

My fear is disappointing myself and the Lord God. I am the type of person that sets goals for oneself. At a young age I have achieved a lot in life. I have been passionate by the things I do. That is why every time I feel like my plans are not working or things just get hard and not going as planned, I would be so very harsh on myself.