What are your views on saving and spending money?

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What are your views on saving and spending money?

What are your views on saving and spending money?

We must definitely spend on the things that were needed over wants. Planning ahead and saving money will be beneficial for to our future. The Bible also teaches us to plan ahead, as it is said in
Proverbs 21:5
The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty.


Surprisingly, the bible provided a lot of practical principles on how to use our money.

For example, we have to save part of our earnings for the emergency.

Give a portion to seven, and also to eight; for thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth. Ecclesiastes 11:2

So the recommendation that we have an emergency fund that is worth three months of our spending is biblical.

We can also use our money to buy some investments. We can see that principle from the virtuous woman.

Proverbs 31:16 She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard.

In this verse, the virtuous woman invested in a field. However, before he invested in it, she considered it first or surveyed it.

Of course, we should also spend our money to help the church, provide for our family, and help others.

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Hello, dear @MakkaPakka
Thinking about how to answer I remembered the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:12-28), with it its basically that if you receive money, talents, etc. You have to try to put it in to work, movement is life, and God and Jesus wants us to live to their full our lives. Being afraid always happens when spending or saving money, but doing so with a purpose is what we should do to manage to multiply it and do things for us and the whole world, obviously good things that are good in the eyes of the Lord.
Here is a link where you can read the parable: 27. The Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:12-28) | Bible.org
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

True! I agree with you @iona090…we must distinguish our needs and wants before spending money. Through planning we can manage all our IN and OUT cash and monitor our finances.

I agree! I manage my savings by putting some on our bank and the rest are in an envelope. These envelopes includes bills (current and water), grocery, cash on hand in case of emergency, etc. I also have an envelope for tithes, and other miscellaneous things. Following this routine makes me more financially able to spend less than before.

Yep, I agree with @iona090! At the age of 18, I am training myself on spending money only when needed. My family and I aren’t rich, so I try my very best to find a decent job to finance my schooling and save up some money to help pay the bills.

Hi there @kianna! Well for me, we are trained since childhood to save money for rainy days (emergency days). My dad used to make us bamboo saving banks and let us open during Christmas time. I am proud of myself because it was pass on to my nephews and although our parents can support us in all our needs, we strive not to ask any penny and work hard to earn. After college, I was living in the city with my nephew and able to support him during college days. I salute you @kianna! Keep it up.

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Yes!! We also have those bamboo saving banks here hihi. Thank you @MakkaPakka :yellow_heart: