What Bible version do you read?

What Bible version do you read?

Blade Wackerling

Passion Translation

Deborah Ristoff D’Antonio

King James

Carrie Baier-Kirby

King James Bible

Martha Settle


Annah Killebrew

I like proverbs

Nicole Mitchell

Good to compare various translations . I am frustrated, because I am seeing a bias in most. It is not apparent on the surface. It is not just attempting to make things a " dynamic equivalent “, it is more about reading back into an ancient culture, our " scientific” understanding, rather than allowing it to speak to us, with " tons", of symbolic language and concepts. The Bible is not a book about science. It is about God, and people having an eternal relationship with Him. Numbers , names etc., had much more meaning to the ancients, in their eastern culture , than they mean to us , in a western, scientific , culture.

Gene Hays


Patsy Renner