What book, besides the Bible, greatly impacted your faith?

What book, besides the Bible, greatly impacted your faith?

What book, besides the Bible, greatly impacted your faith? Have you read any books or novels, fiction or non-fiction, that have greatly impacted your faith? What are those?

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Rick warren, joel osteen, mitch albom and joyce meyer books… if you want a copy I have pdf files here!

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Ooh, that would be nice! :blush: Now that I am just at home, I would like to spend most of my time reading, besides working. It has been stressful for a while, but a good book and a good coffee will heal my mind and my soul.

These books are:

  1. Purpose Driven Life
  2. Lego Principles
  3. Wiki Church
  4. 100 Years From Now
  5. Experiencing God
  6. The Ways of God
  7. Surrendering to God
  8. Heavenly Man
  9. The Utmost for His Highest
  10. Ang Pahayag ng Dyos sa Impyerno
  11. Hear and Obey
  12. Signs and Wonders
  13. Values Driven Heart
  14. Captivating
  15. Unlimiting God

Those books are just some of mind can recall and many books really helped me in growing as well in many areas of my life.

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oh my, thank you so so much, @theenaocay! My bookworm heart is really happy! God bless you and keep safe

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David Wilkerson (God Bless his soul), The Cross and the Switchblade and Run Baby Run are good for starters.

Mitch Albom’s books! It started as a school requirement and I’ve been reading his works all the way. It’s like helping me realize my purpose especially with my relationship with God. I’m glad he’s sharing his insights about faith through his talent.

Hi ! @kianna
The Shack by William P. Young. It’s really good book, it has a movie also. It changed the way I look of God’s love for me. It opened alot of new things in me, especially in my way of thinking and perspective.
Passion for Jesus by Mike Bickle is really good book also. It boosted my hunger to be passionate more towards my pursuit to Jesus. This book is something that I can really relate on and I know many will too. I hope you find these books interesting and would read them also. Hope to hear something from you soon !