What did you do on holy Thursday?

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What did you do on holy Thursday?

Hello, dear friends,
Today I want to ask you, what did you do on holy Thursday?
Also it would be fun to know what were your activities last year, to know the difference the virus made on this one.
As of myself, I stayed at home, but I put on YouTube the mass done by the pope Francis, it was transmitted live, obviously it was a different and even sad sight without people in there. You can watch it on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/GxbRDkCa7Es
I followed with a meditation and pray to Jesus and the Lord…
Normally here in Venezuela all the people had the habit of going out to visit 7 churches, it was very fun because the churches would make decorations and big mangers, so it was a change of pace to live this Thursday at home.
But as usual, any way to pray the Lord is a good way, and the circumstances are extraordinary, so the Lord would not be mad. Stay safe in home and pray to the Lord from there!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero