What do you do at the end of a bad day?

Hello dear friends,
What do you do at the end of a bad day?
When something happens to me that brings me down, I always like to spend the last hours of the day in a hobby, be it playing with the soccer ball, some video game, reading a book or seeing a movie. Anything that helps me to cheer up a little, and then before sleeping I talk to God, to try to make sense of the day and learn on how to overcome it.
So what do you do?
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero


@Luis_Ruiz: For me, I will stay in my room with full volume music and stay for about an hour or more. Sometimes I will write in my journal notebook a prayer to God and afterwards went outside and fell refreshed again.:wink:

Hi ! @Luis_Ruiz
At the end of a bad day, I go out for a long walk with my earphones on and a good music. I unwind by doing a little exercise and have a good pint of chocolate ice cream later on.
Before going to bed I take some time, taking a deep breath and thinking of what caused me a bad day and if it was worth that I reacted that way. Then i’ll realize that it wasn’t worth it at all and I wasted alot of energy reacting negatively towards that. We might never control what’s coming but we can always choose if how we want it to affect us. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Luis_Ruiz Even before my bad day ends, I try to rationalize myself that all things happen for a reason, and that my day went bad because it must have a purpose to me. hence, that makes me a bit accepting of what happened to me, then it’s either I eat my comfort food or watch a favorite childhood movie to cheer me up a bit before going to bed and pray :slight_smile:

I used to have coffee in a new coffee shop to explore or simply have coffee with any matured Christian friends (I called it elderly talk) to let them speak life to me and also laying some of my vulnerable in responding to that bad day.

Basically my principle on that is surrounding myself with community of wise and godly friends.

At the end of the day, still I choose to rejoice in the Lord always and give thanks to GOD in everything.

Just natural. This is only for me. You go home from hard work, dealing with other problems from the outside, eat and sleep. Before sleeping think of the problems for a second, reflect and find solutions to it, pray for Lord’s guidance and protection. And then sleep woke up again and face another problems. Life cycle.

You’ve got nice hobbies that can help you calm down :slight_smile:
At the end of a bad day, I take a warm bath and perform all skincare routine/rituals that I’ve been meaning to do for a while. Making myself look good in my own eyes make me feel good, so this is how I cope with a bad day :slight_smile: