What do you do when you traumatized?

What do you do when you traumatized?

I think it’s a difficult question. Actually, sometimes I even didn’t realize I was traumatized. If I did, normally I would have hate in my heart, also sometimes I hate myself. But it’s not the end, I will pray for God’s grace and mercy, for I knew we all are sinners, we can’t prevent being traumatized, we need God’s healing. So I pray for God’s love to help me forgive others and show unconditional love like Jesus Christ has given to us.


What do you do when you traumatized :weary::weary:

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Amen. PRAY first. God will heal.

I got much hurt from others, they don’t like me, reject me. So I like to be alone with God.

Maybe I need to go to my psychologist for help. But I heard some Christians think psychologist is not biblical.