What do you do when you want to open up to someone?

What do you do when you want to open up to someone?

Hi. I’ve been feeling down for a while. Family problems. How do you cope with people or try to open up to someone who does not want to? But you have to?

Hello, dear @kianna
Family issues are something everyone has, be it in their own ways they are specially bad for anyone as the family is always the people you’ll always see, no matter what…
When in times like yours, you have to wait for the right moment, you have to cope a little longer, and then take the person (s) and have a serious talk, even if they don’t want to open, they have to. As they are your family, and is your right and responsibility to act in regards of being happy.
Pray and talk with our Father, he always has the best advices.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

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Thank you @triga!! :blush: Things have been pretty rough lately.

Thank you @Luis_Ruiz!!

Each and every one of us encounter these kinds of feelings when it comes to our family. Oftentimes, we wanted to burst out to someone, but we are just hesitant with his/her reactions. So what should one do? You will just have to wait for the right time to open up until each side has cool down. It is better to keep quiet when you are in the peak of your emotions to avoid telling harsh words which will you might regret in the long run. Stay calm as always!:blush:

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I truly agree with you @MakkaPakka! Thank you and God bless you! :yellow_heart:

How are you kianna? Were you able to open up? I’m a parent and I do feel when my kids want to open up something with me but are hesitating. I just make sure to be open with them, to be a friend, and to be vulnerable. I don’t know if this helps in your case, but just wanna tell you that I understand how you’re feeling.

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Hi, @eestioko! Unfortunately, no. Whenever I try to open up, my father gets mad and things just get worse. :frowning: