What do you think about Christian divorce or remarriage

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What do you think about Christian divorce or remarriage

What do you think about Christian divorce or remarriage

I think if they cannot live together, they can devoice. However, God does not want Christians divorce.

In my own faith. I’m not fan of Divorce because it will affect your family. For example you already have a child and have a plan to divorce. It can affect the feelings of your children.
So when you are getting marriage be sure that put God in the center of your relationship and use the Give and Take strategy.
This day may parents is celebrating their 31st Anniversary.
Be happy with your life because you choose it and because its Gods plan.

I firmly believe that marriage is a holy union between God and two people. It is sacred and cannot be easily broken. I think that as long as you are both deeply rooted in God, and you involve Him in your struggles as a married couple, you will both be fine and would be able to overcome any obstacles that you will be facing.

Surprisingly, the Old Testament teaches divorce. Moses said if things aren’t working out, send you spouse away but make sure he or she is well-provided and that the decision is amicable.

Not surprisingly, the New Testament is against divorce. It says what God has tied together should not be torn apart. Just like what @kbadum said, it’s a holy union.

Now is there a contradiction to the Old and New Testaments, specifically to the matter of divorce? Nope. Nada. You see, God’s original intention is that man and woman (Adam and Eve) should never separate because they belong to each other and they are one flesh. The Old Testament is all about the fall of man and how he can make amends, and so there were so many rituals and laws back then, and especially focused on the nation of Israel.

But with Jesus, there is now a new covenant, a new agreement, a new understanding, a New Testament. What matters most now is faith, mercy, and love over the Law. That’s right @patri12, God does not want Christians to divorce

So, if a couple wishes to divorce and seek God’s Word to back up their intention, well, they’re living in the Old Testament. And when you choose to live in the Old Testament, you should also be ready to follow all the other rules like death by stoning when you disobey God and other stuff :slight_smile:

Hello, dear @Jianqiu
I firmly believe that is wrong and shouldn’t be done in any way of form. The matrimony is a sacred treasure and a union between a man a woman and God. You can’t and shouldn’t just broke it as you are not having God input on it. The majority of problems someone can face in a relationship are pretty fixable, just by talking and changing for the better. And well, if you are gonna say to me that there could be something more serious, it could happen, but exactly because of it, before marrying someone you have to know that person. I have alwayas believed that marriage should have a minimum of years of relationship or something like that.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Sir your reply is greatly admired, it hits direct to the point and the explanation is very clear. I agree with you sir @eestioko a 100% that divorce is never Godly, that’s why marriage should never be taken lightly, it is a lifelong commitment. The most important thing is that when we make big decisions such as marriage we should always involve God, and when we are married God should be the center of the family.