what do you think it means to "have a change of heart"?

what do you think it means to “have a change of heart”?

Good question.

At this point in time, all I can offer is my own Salvation experience.
Before being saved is the first attitude, after being saved is the attitude now,.
I used to think women should rule. I now believe that is wrong. Men should rule.
I used to think one could choose whomever as an intimate partner. Now I see that it is sin. That it should only be one man and one woman in marriage. Sex outside of that is sin.
I used to think the best way to handle social problems was to march and yell. Now I think the best way to handle social problems is both to pray and give relief to those I can. To stand up for those without a voice. But yelling and protesting is not revering the Sovereign LORD’s choices of who is in charge.
I used to think I could cuss in any way I wished and it didn’t hurt anyone. Now I think that I have blasphemed my LORD so much I have prayed and prayed to have this sinful habit removed. So far, and as long as I walk with Him daily, He has granted me this request.
I used to think God was a “sadist” because He didn’t stop the evil happening to me as a child. I now know that God was grieved greatly by the evil that happened to me as a child. but also know and understand this is part of our fallen cursed world.
I used to think supporting “pro-choice” was the right idea. Now I have repented of my own choices in this area, paid for sonograms to help those women not abort who think of aborting and I am now “pro-life”.

I would just like to say that I have not switched “political parties”. At this point I am negated from voting. God changed all these attitudes in my heart, it was not done by any man, woman or child.

My son commented the other day that my personality had “changed 180 degrees” from what it used to be. He told me I am not the mother who raised him.

He is right. All this was done by God through His Word the Bible.

That is a change of heart. These things all changed in me at once. They were not thought out, or planned nor did I of my own “wisdom and strength” change these things in myself. I didn’t have to THINK it through in other words. I read the Bible and the Holy Spirit confronted and convicted me, and I repented and became willing to be conformed to what God’s will for me is. This has changed my heart. How I actually FEEL about these things. I could not nor WOULD I have changed these attitudes in myself. God has done it all.

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Amen, glad to hear such wonderful testimony. You have so beautifully demonstrated what does it mean to have a changed heart. Change is a person becoming a completely different being by the power of God. God bless!

Amen, so touched!

yes, i agree with.

Be willing to accept the authority of the holy spirit.We once the ones who are governed by our own will, but people who believe in God are willing to accept the authority of the holy spirit and let their mind have its own master, so that what they think and think is no longer centered on themselves.

i think that means you really change.