What do you think Nick Vujicic plays Drum?

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What do you think Nick Vujicic plays Drum?

Amen. He is really amazing and awesome. When I see his life, I tell myself, I have no reason to complain. ^^


Nothing is impossible in God. God is able. Amen :child:

You are an inspiration! Amazing.

hat’s Awesome…you are proof to the saying “Never Give Up…Keep Trying!!” What an inspiration you are and a God Given Gift for humanity!! Love what your all about and your drive to conquer life No Matter What!!!

Amazing!!I always encouraged by your deeds and words. There is nothing is impossible if Lord there with you.Praise the Lord.thanks for the video!!

Nick, what a fine fellow you are !!! I respect you infinitely for the love of life and for the fact that you live a full life. How many people looking at you make sense in life !!! God grant you health and long life !!! A low bow to you and your power of the Spirit !!!

People don’t understand and take care of what they have in life until they lose those small happiness. Nick you are showing for the world nothing is impossible and love . Your positive inspiration is giving strength for many people including me. You are amazing . Every day glory to GOD ! May God bless you more!

So touching and inspiring, through him I can see God’s love and power. I pray God bless him and his family more and more, and through him more people can come to God!