What does it mean to believe in Jesus Christ?

Acts 16:31
“And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.”
What does it mean to believe in Jesus Christ?. In my understanding of scripture and conferring with the Holy Spirit about it I can understand it as three things. First is acknowledgement then acceptance finally action. I must acknowledge who Jesus Christ is first that he is God. Created from God to be the first born son. Then afterward is acceptance accepting all that Jesus has said about himself and others have said about him. Then afterward action acting on what the Lord has said which is obedience. I can best compare it to an engagement. Two people who love each other acknowledge each other as a potential partner. Then it’s followed by accepting that they want to be together followed by action by him getting on one knee and proposing to her and her receiving the ring accepting his proposal. People who just live together without a marriage covenant are only at the first step acknowledgment. And that’s only temporary. They never move on to the rest so there is no Covenant relationship. The same goes with salvation many people are only at the first step they barely acknowledge who Jesus is. The Lord has already done all three steps on his part he is waiting for us to receive the ring. And then prepare for the wedding that is to be at the end of the judgment. So to fully believe in the Lord Jesus Christ we must do all those three things knowledge except and then action.

Daniel Hutch

James 2:19King James Version19 Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.Who said Jesus was created ? and Jesus is not God, he is the Son of God. Is Jesus Christ God?

Emily Frazer

Jesus Is God because he came from God he is the only begotten son from the father the father created the Son and the Holy Spirit from himself. We are simply created in His image from clay it is not the same thing.

Daniel Hutch

Wheres the part about acknowledging and accepting that Christ died and 3 days later rose again conquering death and sits at the right of God… Most important part.

Tyler Dixon

When i was in culinary school i had to have confidence, or to say believe that he’s guidance would get me to my destination in the food industry. So it is with God’s servants, if you don’t believe in them and follow their guidance, you’re not going to get to your destination,which is being in unity with God’s plan for you and his people. Many of God’s servants have lived among us ,some mentioned is scripture, and some mentioned in a historic context. Example, Martin Luther king Jr was a servant of God and humanity, also gave his life for the cause of his people,he new his life was in peril,as most true servants of God and humanity do,as Yeshua did. He new the Emperor and the Romans were most likely kill him. He own people conspired with the authorities and falsely accused him of blasphemy, of which he did not due.

Dana Howard

Repent turn away from all sin known abd unknown be washed in the blood of the lamb ask for forgiveness and follow Him

Marcus Carter

Believe in the Hebrew word means CERTAINTY. So I don’t think you should give ur own meanings to the word. “Believe in or believe on” means what it is.And I tell you something lastly… To believe in someone and to believe someone are two different things, to believe someone and to believe on someone are different things so understand that

Ezekiel Unabor

All too often when people preach on salvation, they do a lot of interpreting verses to mean something they never truly say. When you really look at what the Bible actually says, you find God is actually quite clear on the subject.Please understand first, what a Primary Verse is. A primary verse is any verse that is so clearly stated that it can only mean what it plainly states. To interpret it to mean anything different would be to throw logic out the window. It is in the primary scriptures where we find Gods truth and not mans truth.Most doctrines in the Bible have 1 to 3 primary scriptures supporting them. Salvation has 19. There are 19 scriptures that very clearly tell us “how” we are saved. To add anything to these is to add man’s interpretation to it and nothing more.Of these 19 primary salvation scriptures, every single one of them says we must believe in Jesus. When you break them down you find the specifics of what we must believe.1) Jesus is the Son of God.2) Jesus died on the cross to save us.3) God raised Jesus from the dead.4) Jesus is Lord.You must believe these strong enough that you are willing to tell others that Jesus is Lord and mean it.Of those 19 primary salvation scriptures, not a single one says we are saved by any other means. Not by refraining from sin, doing everything Jesus says, water baptism, or anything else. Just believing in the four things I already mentioned.Once someone truly believes those things in their heart, they are saved. Period! After that, everything else is about growing in your personal relationship with the Lord. Everything else is about building upon your rewards in heaven.These are the 19 Primary Scriptures.Primary Salvation Scriptures - ONE GOD LOGIC

Kenneth J. Schonmeier