What does sin look like to you?

What does sin look like to you?

Star Bradley

I will give you the definition i gave my 3rd & 4th graders Sunday School class. Look at the word sin and tell me what letter is right in the middle of it. Anytime you have all your attention focused on I what will you be right in the middle of

Pam Moore Wilbanks

Sin is the struggle between the flesh and the spirt. We are to strive to be like Christ but there are time we mess up and slip and fall in to sin. Thank God for the blood of Jesus. 'We have all sinned and come short of the Glory of God"" If any one te… See more

Robin Black

Doesn’t matter what sin looks like for us because many of us labels most of our bad deeds as “not a sin” , it is clearly defined in the Bible and written in our hearts what is and is not a sin

Tom Engelbert Udsing Daguioan