What does the recent abortion law in New York mean to Christians?

What does the recent abortion law in New York mean to Christians?

Thank you for your sharing. i am in China, we also support abortion. However, after many years, people do not want to born more children though government wants them to have two. We still face abortion, I hope we do not confine having children any more one day.

The topic of abortion has always been in discussion through the times.

Recently the New York state legislature passed a bill allowing woman to abort their babies up until birth for any reason. The news can be read here.

This was quiet a disturbing news for me for many reasons:

  • As a Christian who hold a very conservative view about sex, that a man and a woman can unite themselves only within a marriage, it is very difficult for me to accept the fact that men and women use this holy communion just for personal pleasure rather than giving thought to the life that is being created through the communion.

  • What does the powerless baby has to say about this? Just imagining that I am the unborn baby and imagining that there is world out there with laws to kill unborn babies just because the mother is going through many circumstances. (Well, people may say the babies cannot imagine such things. But my point is what does this act of breaking the foundations of morality, to do our minds as humans?)

  • I am trying to imagine to what extent will we as humans extend our laws breaking our own self?

I tried to google what are some of the reasons behind this issue of abortion and found an article that startled me.

Arguments in favor of abortion

I would like to post a couple of arguments here for those of you who don’t want to get into the link.

@The right to abortion is vital for gender equality
@The right to abortion is vital for individual women to achieve their full potential

Abortion is a very fancy word. I tried to rephrase it with “Killing a unborn baby”. Looked cruel.

Here is another article that summarizes a survey.

Why do women have abortions?

Interestingly enough I also found some articles where Christians support abortion.
A. Pro-Choice and Christian: How I Unlearned What My Church Taught Me
B. Protestant Christians and Abortion
C. A Christian Argument for Abortion: A Q&A With Rebecca Todd Peters

Am I being too emotional? Yes and No. In one sense yes I am definitely being emotional - Infact I believe that the world is moved forward with people with emotions not always the ones who are on the top of their heads. No I am definitely not being emotional. Thinking about absolute values can be at times be brutal as it can stand against what you are actually holding to.

Thankfully, our president doesn’t stand along lauding the law. (What Trump has to say about the abortion law)

I am just wondering and trying to get some inputs regarding the Christian view of abortion. Does liberals have a different standpoint? If yes why?

Are people allowed to abort in certain circumstances? What do you think are those and what is your basis for believing that? (It is hard for me to comprehend what a woman might go through during the process of abortion or during the decision making process. Pardon me if your emotions are hurt - But would like to know your stand as well to widen my thinking)

Is there an absolute moral law against this issue of abortion and what do you as a Christian have to say about this change of social norm of our day?


It is murder. Plain and simple.

I knew that when I had one. No doubt in my mind. AFTERWARD. Before it, I only listened to the older women around me at the “doctor’s office” who told me it wasn’t really alive yet.

Since I have gone through this and done this horrible deed being misled by the world, I know what it’s like to have to silently carry the burden of more than one murder. And the world that encourages a woman to have an abortion (whether they call themselves Christian or not) would rather not hear about your guilt and remorse afterward.

Uh uh, oh no. They don’t wanna hear that. Why? Because they don’t want to face reality. They don’t want to have to care about anyone, just wrack up numbers.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you abortion is right in any way. It is not.

Are circumstances sometimes overwhelmingly bad for a child to come into the world? Well, according to the human mind, yes. According to God’s mind, no. Never.

There are options. And there is help.

Great place here if you are interested. Pass on to someone IF they might gain some help from it.

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Yes I completely agree with your opinion. Abortion is murder.