What does this quote mean you? “If the light that is on you is brighter than the light that is in you, the light that is on you will blind you”

What does this quote mean you?
“If the light that is on you is brighter than the light that is in you, the light that is on you will blind you”

Johnny John

Amanda L Stones excellent!

Johnny John

Glenda Baker It isn’t. The quote is presented for you to apply scriptures to. Think it through carefully. There is a lot of meaning that can be applied to scripture through this quote.

Johnny John

Clarence Rolin very good. I like that. Well said.

Johnny John

Karel Prins So true. The spotlight on us is more important than shining out our light from Jesus that’s in us.

Johnny John

Ken Brillhart wow—that is incredible. You went far beyond anything I could have said. Well done. I like this so much I will use it. Thank you

Johnny John

Johnny John If not learned by the Holy Spirit and Scriptures, men do speaks gutter if their talk does not influence the Scriptures, it doesn’t matter how learned this man is, he is still a sinner. I think you are just being a fan boy. Any knowledge apart from scriptures or influenced by scriptures is demonic and should not by any means be related to scriptures. So you are wrong and your post demands something that potentiai dishonour God and this statement seems demonic, as it says greater light blind the small light ? How could it be ? How can light blind other light? Can the sun blind moon ? No! But because of the sun the moon emits lights so neither your quote can be related to scriptures nor creation so it’s demonic !! I suggest if you even wanna be a fan boy or need a role model just follow Christ that means Word of God, dont follow men and their knowledge it’s from evil one.

Noel Lawrence

The Holy Spirit in you guides you and the glitz of this world misleads you.

Tholsee Reddy

Alan MacDonald Here’s an idea: Why don’t you read all the comments below? Look at what these people were able to extrapolate from the quote and apply it to scripture. You actually are confirming my quote. Your “light” or spotlight is on you Alan by your remark. Its the light of Christ than shines in us that reflect out to others. Read it again.

Johnny John

God’s wisdom is infinite, His authority ultimate. Blessed are those who trust Him.

Bella Mitchell

It could mean man’s light in him is kept in darkness and ignorance because Satan’s light is greater than man’s and blinds all who are not born again of God’s Spirit.

CJ ZK Brazo Fuerte

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