What evidence is there that God exist

What evidence is there that God exsist

Timm Murphy

I should have died April 10th, 2016 in car accident. I was t-boned in the driver side door at 60 mph. The other people were fine. I didn’t even get knocked out, I was screaming. I had no cuts, but from the impact I had blood in my left lung, a grade 3 laceration on my left kidney, my SI joint was broken, my pelvic bone was gone, I had 3 breaks in my back, and I had 4 breaks in my tailbone. I was transported to another hospital to where my back had no breaks and my pelvic bone miraculously came back but had 3 breaks. I needed surgery on my pelvic bone but somehow my bones moved back together to where surgery wasn’t necessary. I started walking again in May 3rd 2016, the national day of prayer. God does exist

Savanna Pinkston

Me and you

Jack’s Santos

what evidence is there that He doesn’t?

Moejj Oraisin

You cannot make something out of nothing. You cannot explain the Big Bang Theory because something had to be there first. I have had several instances in my life, where God intervened. I feel His spirit. When we put God first in our lives, we see amazing things happen. Everyone is searching for happiness, some fulfillment but we go off into the weeds and try to find it through things of this world. It can never fulfill us or sustain us for long, it always wears off. When we seek our center with God, everything falls into place. May God bless and lead you on your journey through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Karen Orem

What evidence is there that God does NOT exist?

Cindy Ballard Merritt

Lol I don’t need evidence that’s where my faith comes in and I know without a shadow of a doubt without God I might not have made it .

Jeana Marie

Matt Dalton