What have you realized lately?

I realized that life is too short to worry everyday. I will cast away all my fears and worries to the Lord, so I can be more productive each day and continue living life. This pandemic will not last long as long as we will do our part also by abiding the rules given unto us. Keep safe everyone!

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Hello, dear @MakkaPakka
Lovely advice as usual of you.
Today I realized, that we as a society really have a compromise to care about us, about the future. The most troublesome thing of this situation has been the way in which the world was not preparated for something like this. Be it in the hospitals, economics, order, care and even in following the instructions of quarantine.
I think, when we uprise from this, we got to change, the whole world has to stop worrying and giving care and money to such meaningless things and start caring for what truly matters.
Maybe that’s the message the Lord wants us to learn from all this, but that’s just my speculation.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Well said sir @Luis_Ruiz! No one was prepared for this kind of crisis, maybe because no one anticipated that this virus is very contagious. We lack nurses, we lack doctors, we lack facilities in the hospitals because no one foresee the disaster. May this serve as a lesson for the whole country to give importance to the needs of the people and that unity and peace will reign in everyones heart whether what race you came from.

As I was in a home quarantine due to global covid 19 locked down, and miss travelling.
Suddenly, I would like to visit the beautiful Tulips in Keukenhof, Netherlands. Tour Israel, Jordan and Egypt. I also would like to visit my friend in London.

But How??
Then I started to be unstoppable. I should go! and travel! So I decided to go and travel that time!
So How??
In just a finger tip, I did it!
By opening my phone and go to the google earth! And start going to places I love to go.

But far above those funny thoughts :sweat_smile: I landed to have a popout thought or realization of 2 things:

  1. God is Sovereign
  2. Finger of God

And have a quick notes of this realization on the link below.

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Hi ! @MakkaPakka
What I have realized lately is that, there are so many things that we should be grateful for.
There are so many uncertain and unpredictable things in life just like what is happening today. It taught us how to be more appreciative of what we have. Lately has been a good time to just breathe in and reflect, and just strengthen our relationship with God, spending more time with Him. :heart:

Hi there @theenaocay! I feel the same way too… I wanted to visit my brother in London as I am worried about them too. But how? Almost countries are locked down, and so I go back to sleep :rofl:. This too shall pass, let’s just continue praying.

True @Jedidiah! This pandemic helps us to realized that we should strengthen our spiritual relationship with God. We are all lucky enough to stay at home unlike our frontliners, but we should include them with our prayers. After this crisis, we should be more closer to God.

I totally agree with you @MakkaPakka. Our front liners have sacrificed a lot, and yes, will definitely pray for them also. :heart::heart::heart:

I realized how important our lives are. One single virus can take it away from us. But with this, I also realized how important and how powerful a prayer is. How the Lord God can heal our world. Earth is slowly healing. I also realized how much certain people in my life are truly important to me now that I don’t see them often.

@kianna: Due to this crisis, we are spending more time to God than the usual. I mean, correct me if I am wrong; all of us are busy before this covid strikes, our work, oir day to day routine etc…But the good thing about this pandemic is, we started to be more closer to God again. We are building our spiritual relationship that we sometimes forgot to nurture. When this crisis ends, hopefully we will maintain our relationship to God and thank him for shielding each and everyone of us from this virus. :blush:

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I definitely agree with you @MakkaPakka

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I realized that how important my community is.
Because even though we are in this midst of crisis.
we are all doing our best to reach each one of us via meeting application made by our God.
Lots of topic twice in a month. i think it is also the best time to have some breaks right now. almost lots of time right now is working at home, i work at home also so there are no excuses to missed my community gatherings via meeting app.
We pray to each one of us every time we gathered.
Realization is one of the best thing you can do as of this moment.

This is a simple question but so profound. People have realized so many things through COVID-19, but now with what’s going on in several cities, the riots and cry for justice, I realize how vulnerable life is. Anything could happen anytime, triggering so much fear, violence, and despair. And the riots are now spilling even in Europe. This also shows there is only one source of true peace – our Lord Jesus!

@eestioko: True… there are a lot of things happening now in different countries even if the pandemic is still present…from riots, domestic violence, earthquakes, murders, floods etc. This must be the time where we people will unite and help each other through prayers instead of hatred…May the Lord, bring peace around the globe.

The most important thing I’ve learned and realized as a result of quarantine is how to appreciate the little things in life and look at the bright side of things.

During this pandemic, I have realize that life is unpredictable. Everything can change in a snap. And all the things that’s happening or will happen are beyond your control. Life is too short to stay mad at people who have caused you pain. Forgive them not because it is the right thing to do but you need to forgive them for yourself. For your own good. Life is too short to ignore the little things that makes us happy. Life is too short so don’t waste every second and live your life to the fullest. Life is too short so tell your family and friends that you love them. Life is too short, so appreciate all the blessings God has given us. Appreciate everyone in your life and everything you have right now.

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Two thumbs up @Jean…we really didn’t foresee this things happening now…so as much as possible we will live our life with no regrets and forgive as much as we can if we can…feel grateful everyday for giving us another day and a chance to live…Keep safe!

I have realized lately that my parents is growing older now. Because of this pandemic my 24 hours is staying at home. I realized how important they are, so i treasure every moment that i can still see them. Life is too short so im enjoying it, we will never know what will happen next. Im so thankful enough that they taking care of me. Who i am right now is because of them. If i where you take care of them and show them all the love. They will not be around in this world forever.

During this difficult time, I have realized that being successful in life is not worth it when you don’t share your success with others. I have realized that many people are so greedy in taking everything they can and not caring about other people’s condition. This kind of mindset irked me to no extent because some still think this way even during a pandemic. We should try to understand what the people are going through and help them. I hope someday the hearts and minds of greedy and powerful people are filled with the Holy Spirit so that they can think not just for themselves but also for others.
Proverbs 16:16 “How much better to get wisdom than gold! To get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver.”

@hbbm14: Partially true! When this pandemic started a lot of people panicked…everyone is anxious of having this and that without thinking that there are also people needing those things that they needed…some people became selfish that they think of themselves first…at times like these, we must extend help to people who needs our help even in small amounts…

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