What if Jesus never rose from the grave?

What if Jesus never rose from the grave?
Can you imagine the consequences something like that would have on every single believer? Our faith as Christians would be worthless without the resurrection. Jesus would be no different than any other sinful man who was crucified. We’d have no reason to go to church. The words “He has risen” would never be heard, The Gospel would never be preached, there would be no hope of Heaven after our death, we would be separated from God, our sins would never be pardoned.
After we examine the alternative to Christ being raised we are surly led to a much greater appreciation of the truth.
But our Lord and Savior did hang on that cross, he did rise on the third day, and through Him we have a relationship with God, through accepting him as our Lord and savior we have eternal life in paradise. HE HAS RISEN.

Mike Seay

Praise and Honor, Jesus Christ the Highiest. AMEN

Corazon Cruz

He is the origin of Life. Everything flows from Him to us. The fact that He is the Resurrection and Life is the core of Christianity that has major influences on other faiths that have spun-off. Our faith alone would not be able to provide atonement… See more

El G Pollex

Praise our Holly Lord saver. Praise his Holly name Jesus King of all kings. Amen

Eric Bradley

500 eyewitnesses that saw him risen where tortured for saying so. No one holds that type of lie for that kind of torture. It is a truth Jesus rose

Jefferson Eugene Eirhart