What is an important life lesson you’ve learned?

What is an important life lesson you’ve learned?

■ Do good for others. It will come back in unexpected ways.
■ My parents taught me this " Success is 90 percent preparation and 10 percent action. You don’t wait for luck. You have to create it"
■ A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.


Mine would be to love yourself more and to give myself what I deserve. I was so busy thinking about other people’s needs that sometimes I forget myself.

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Hi ! @MakkaPakka what I have learned is that you can never be ready for what life has to offer. One day you might wake up that everything is well and then, suddenly, it’s not anymore. And so we should always be kind towards other people and be forgiving.
Life is a never ending cycle of many good things and also bad things, but it is how we handle it and turn it to our favour.

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Hello, dear @MakkaPakka
I really like what you said, I would add:

  • Do the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do.
  • Work what you like and like what you work.
  • Silence is equal to nothingness (in a metaphorical way).
  • Pray and act as equal.
    Obviously accepting that the Lord is by your side will always help a lot in life.
    Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

The important lesson in life I learned is that breaking process is from womb to tomb.

I learned that during the days of undergoing trials after trials.
I learned to understand that trials is part of the promise that most of us doesn’t want or claim in John 16:33 that says "I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

Learning that breaking process is from womb to tomb, I resolve to abide and abound in Christ alone.
John 15:4
4 Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.

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Always remember to love yourself @kianna. There is nothing wrong with thinking others needs, but do supply your needs first. It seems selfish but if you love yourself, it is more easy to become a channel of good deeds.


I agree @Jedidiah! The key point is expect less and strive more. That is actually a natural cycle of our life, today we feel good and the next day we feel so down. So what should one do? We need to be ready as always and focus ourselves towards our goal, and always seek God in everything we do to avoid disappointments. And always remember to “Do good and it will come back in unexpected ways”.

Hi there sir @Luis_Ruiz! Two thumbs up for that. There are a lot of important life lessons to still learn as long as we are alive. It would be more productive if every lesson we learn will be applied into our lives. If we stumble down and failed, we should learn to get up again.

Yep. Couldn’t agree more. Thank you @MakkaPakka. God bless you! :yellow_heart:

I love this Topic also.

Important lesson of life i think it can create a book. I will just pick randomly .
The important lesson of my life is to Be good to others and never ever expect a return from the good thing you did.
Be Honest in life “There are no secrets that will never be revealed” specially for those selfishness sins.
Love your parents and honor them, life is too short you we will never know when their life gonna end.

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@arrol I’m glad you brought this back. A lot of things have changed. An important lesson I have learned now is to spread kindness and to try to be the bigger person. I have seen so much hate in the world in the past few weeks. I have learned to be the bigger person, instead of giving back the hate people have been giving towards me, I will just respond in kindness. I believe we are all going through a lot of things and I know we have a lot yet to learn.

What is an important life lesson you’ve learned?

  • From the aspect of my life right now not having yet own family what important life lesson I’ve learned, even though it is very difficult for me to handle it well, where there’s seems anger happening between you and your family members, it is to stay humble and be patient. I can’t handle it well because of my temper, when I see people not changing there bad attitude or they being lazy enough not considering the situations. I feel sorry for acting like a boast. But I want them to know that I want to help them because I’ve been there to that struggles and they see me struggling. I hope they could find motivations to fight also for their dreams. I surrender all to God what I feel inside and I pray for their better future together with us also because they are my family. Maybe, others may say it is easy to be humble but there are situations that unexpectedly we can’t carry ourselves. I don’t want to bear anger forever I want it to change. I am thankful for the guidance of the Lord for me. Most important for me now is to stay humble and try to control my emotions by helping yourself also to remain calm.

The most important lesson I’ve learned is that if you want to succeed in life, you should also help others succeed in life. It is not just ourselves that we should be worrying about. God created MANY people and I believe that we should learn how to be compassionate to others like Jesus. We aren’t the only people living in this world and I hope people realize that even just a little help can go a long way.

Hello, dear @MakkaPakka
Today I want to add some things I learned recently, this come from my grandmother, a woman who I admired with all my heart and mind. With my grandfather, together, with true love, they rise up from poverty and were the start of my family. But one thing my grandmother said to me today:
1.- Some chapters of your life have to end, it’s best to end it when you feel like you have reached the final point, instead of waiting for someone to get you out.
2.- Of every chapter in your life, you learn something, good or bad, no time is wasted.
3.- God is your best guide, when living in uncertainty trusting God is the only thing you can and should do.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

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The most important life lesson I’ve learned in life is to love God with all your heart and everything else will follow. Our self-worth & purpose lies in Him alone. We can only learn to love ourselves and other people if we start by loving Him first. There are no shortcuts.

I agree with #2 and #3 Sir @Luis_Ruiz…in life, we stumble, fall and get up again…the important thing is everytime we fall we learn something from it…life is meant to be live forward and not backwards, so live life to the fullest…

@MakkaPakka to this day i am still studying LIFE , need to adjust every single way. however ive learned that in this pace of my life:

  • Need to consider someones belief and prospective

  • Need to express yourself in a good manner; to have a good communication skills things that you need to comprehend from others

  • Acceptance

  • Need to defend yourself when needed