What is BIBLE all about?

what is the bible all about.


@FaithinGod for me the bible is like a compass; Compass is an instrument used for navigation, just like the bible, it leads our way for us to know what is God wants us to do: to leads us to Jeremiah 29:11
Bible makes us braver, bolder and stronger spiritually. Bible is also like a history book (full of stories of the past; historically proven)
bible is also like a diary (full of heartfelt stories, stories that gives us hope ,peace and joy)

The Bible is not only the words of the Lord for us. It is also our weapon as being righteous person of God. Even the bible written in God wisdom, it is also empower a gracious deliverance of God to the needy. Bible will help us to grow further on the Lord story. We will have knowledge and undestanding how God help everybody to be humble.

The bible is God’s written communication to His people. But some people are so eager to challenge that thought and make a strong argument as to how could it be possible. How can it be a written communication of God when it is just written by men? Well the answer is plain and simple, when those chosen men wrote the scriptures they were inspired by the almighty father. God was the one who instructed them what to write.

.Bible is all about :
Matthew 1:1:
“The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.”
As believers, we should have more than just a general idea that the Bible is about God. This God, the eternal One, in time became a man, Jesus Christ. The Bible abounds in detail concerning Jesus
His nature, His living, His accomplishments, and His salvation.