What is Consistency?

The reactions over the last few weeks leading up to the Super Bowl and last night by Conservative commentators at Big Con Media Inc who brand themselves as Christian:
“The He Gets Us Ads don’t get Jesus as they make Him too relatable to the point of pushing a false Gospel.”

Also the same Conservative commentators at Big Con Media Inc just 4th Quarter of 2022:
“The Chosen really makes the people of the Bible and Jesus relatable and I can see myself in these characters and stories.”

The same measure that we use to test for the integrity of the Gospels is to be applied equally to all things. This faux outrage and concern about He Gets Us as opposed to The Chosen is why mainstream Christianity will continue to be rightly deemed two-faced.

The time to repent is now, the Messiah walks… the lamb of the Almighty has returned the Lion of Judah to return the true divine spirits name!!! Praise the All in All! Praise my Father!