What is God's love language to you?

What is God's love language to you?

What is the time you feel God loves you?

When I am still shabby, imcomplete, I realize God still loves me the same level as I am doing good, my heart can feel God’s love.

When I know that God creates me in His image, I feel loved by God. I am belonged to God. Amen!

When I opened my eyes to see that God incarnated in Jesus. He used to live among us. My heart started to trembling for two weeks. How humble He is! He approached me first. I feel deep love in Him.

When I see the sins within me, I questioned God: why are you willing to die for such sinners? This kind of love made me willing to devote my whole life to Him.

When I obeying God’s commandment of love and meet the needs of those He cares, I feel God is pleased. Because He is satisfied, I feel joyful and I know for sure that He loves me.

When I forget and put down the past, I felt relax and refreshed. When there is new hope arises, I feel happy

God’s words in many chapters. i can feel God’s love