What is pagan?

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What is pagan?

Do you believe catholics are pagans? because they used statues?

Pagan is a person who follows a polytheistic or pre-Christian religion (not a Christian or Muslim or Jew) Since Pagan is the title given by Christians to anything not Abrahamic, the answer is clear. Pagan means “countryfolk” and it the beliefs preceding Christianity in any country, no matter how monotheistic. If they are not Christian, or Jewish (or later Muslim) they are Pagan.
Roman Catholics are Christian, Orthodox are Christian, Baptists are Christian, Presbyterians are Christian, United Church of Christ are Christians. Unitarians are not Christian, Universalists are not Christian, Wiccans are not Christian, Mulsims are not Christian, Jews are not Christian. Particular faiths WITHIN Christianity are NOT Pagan. Some practices may seem similar to Pagans, but the theology behind them is not.

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