What is progressive Christianity?

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What is progressive Christianity?


I stumbled upon this article today - Jonathan merritt giving an interview about being identified as progressive Christianity. It sounded very appealing - I thought to myself that it might be new methods that seeks to reach people of today’s world. But this is way more than that. I found that when I tried to find out what the term actually means.

Progressive Christianity is a “Post Liberal” movement. Simply speaking embracing people from all backgrounds not just within Christianity but the homosexual camp, agnostics and many other non-Christian camps - not with a motive to preach the gospel for everyone’s repentance but accepting everyone and giving teachings that are acceptable by everyone.

Interesting how they call themselves “Christians”. One may project how the future will look like from the current trends of Christian waywardness.

By calling ourselves progressive Christians, we mean we are Christians who…

  1. Believe that following the path and teachings of Jesus can lead to an awareness and experience of the Sacred and the Oneness and Unity of all life;

  2. Affirm that the teachings of Jesus provide but one of many ways to experience the Sacredness and Oneness of life, and that we can draw from diverse sources of wisdom in our spiritual journey;

  3. Seek community that is inclusive of ALL people, including but not limited to:
    Conventional Christians and questioning skeptics,
    Believers and agnostics,
    Women and men,
    Those of all sexual orientations and gender identities,
    Those of all classes and abilities;

  4. Know that the way we behave towards one another is the fullest expression of what we believe;

  5. Find grace in the search for understanding and believe there is more value in questioning than in absolutes;

  6. Strive for peace and justice among all people;

  7. Strive to protect and restore the integrity of our Earth;

  8. Commit to a path of life-long learning, compassion, and selfless love.

Did you come across Progressive Christians or have anything to say about it?

Back when I was first saved a few years ago, I was looking into something called “The Christian Left”. See, I was a full blown Liberal before my salvation. So I thought that I could somehow marry those two.

By the way, in my experience, politics and true Christianity have no more in common than Christ saying about taxes “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give to God was is God’s.” Period. That’s Christ’s entire message on politics.

“Liberal” or “Progressive” so-called “Christians” are not Christians. They think they are because they walked an aisle, signed a card or said a prayer or because once upon a time they “accepted” Jesus into their hearts.

Jesus does not need our acceptance. Jesus Christ is Lord, Master, King and God whether we acknowledge that or not.

The “progressive christianity” sounds so much like New Age thought, I wonder why they bother to call themselves “christian”. The most pagan person I know who worships animals far more than people and is so pre-occupied with paganism and superstition would be quite comfortable in one of these “progressive christian” churches.

However, she is not comfortable around me. Because I speak God’s Truth from God’s Word. It makes her itchy to leave. I keep praying for her.

Bottom line: True Christianity is OFFENSIVE to all lost sinners, at least initially. Those who the Father has elected as His Chosen will prick up their ears when they hear the Truth. Those who are not, will be offended or just bored.

Anything that makes us “buddies” of the world is dangerous to our souls.

James 4:4 New American Standard Bible (NASB)
4 You adulteresses, do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.