What is PURE love?

We want to be pure and give pure love to others, what is pure love? How to keep your love pure?

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Pure love is from God, it is perfect. It’s not self-centered, but for God and for others’ benefit. When we love according to God’s truth, it will be pure and beautiful. Otherwise, it will hurt others and ourselves.

Paul says, Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)


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God’s love is pure love. God always gives us invaluable love. Through this love, we were saved and we were given new life.

Love without a price, love without change, love that does not change from beginning to end is the pure love of God.

Pure love is from pure heart, that has been cleansed; one that has no defilement. Wholehearted, life-encompassing love for God expressed in radical love for neighbor is only possible where sin is forgiven and offense is pardoned. The way is our Lord Jesus, who empowers us to love even those who are most difficult to love because we have experienced the sin-overcoming love of God by ourselves.

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Love is pure. I don’t think the love of God is a different love. I heard many Christians say, “the love of human”. I don’t agree with it. Love comes from God. It’s pure.

In John chapter 13, John recorded that Jesus loves us, and he loves us until the end. He never gives up to love us. Even people nail him on the cross. I think this is pure love, unconditional and immovable love.

The love that Jesus has shown us through the cross, the love that total humility.

Don’t try to love others by our love, that love can not be pure.
But by the love of God, His love is unconditional and everlasting.

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Pure Love is when you love a person without any conditions. You will love her by not comparing to others. And Love him everyday that day is the first saw her. I know that there are no perfect relationships and my answer can only see or watch on a movies or maybe a series of love movies. Yeah i know.
But this one of the best key how to keep a pure love (Save the best for last) Chirst Centered Relationship and God Fearing Partners. Pure Love = Pure God.

For me pure love is loving someone and not expecting anything back. You just love someone because you really do, not because you need something or you benefit from that person. Pure love is when you genuinely care for someone. Just like God’s love for us, we sin everyday yet He chose to love us despite all of those things.

Hello, dear @cherry_zheng
See this us one of the things hard to understand, for starters the only pure love is God! And because of it, to have or feel pure love we need to have him in our minds all the time. God is the only way. Now when trying to give pure love, I think, this can be an example: “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Ephesians 4:2”. It’s not the exact description, but it helps you to make a mental image. Pure love is the greatest love of all, being humble, gentle, patient, thus all because love will always win against sin!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Yes, this helps A LOT! I see so many people losing hope in love because they are too focused on themselves. Love involves patience. We are all in the process of building ourselves, so we have to keep in mind that it is normal for people to screw up or fail.

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Love based on Jesus Christ’s life is selflessness, not thinking about Himself or even loosing His entire life for the sake of the people whom He loves dearly. If we look at people and how we express our love, we might be impressed if that person would be able to sacrifice time, money and a portion of himself just for love. But we might never find a person who would sacrifice his life for a stranger. That’s what Jesus did out of love, He died even for those people who don’t believe in Him.

This is one of my favorite verses! Whenever I am struggling with regards to loving other people, I recite this verse over and over while doing deep breaths. I believe that God is Love itself. Therefore, He is the source of true love. If we in tune our lives to God, then we will be able to learn how to love purely.

Hello, dear @kianna
Exactly, people crave for love and a relationship, but they only want their satisfaction… It’s not like that, love is between more than one person, your couple, friends or family, love you but they don’t live or act only for it. Part of a successful in love life is accepting that even as a couple and in love, you are two different individuals, individuals who would “screw or fail”, as in do stuff we could not like, but that’s just normal.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

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Yes sir @Luis_Ruiz! When you love someone, you also have to put yourself in their situation. We all are battling something in our lives, which can change or ruin a person. Your partner’s world does not revolve around you only, we must be understanding and patient.

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Imagine loving someone who would never love you back? The feeling, the pain, the rejection. How we as a human race long to be embraced, cared for and loved deeply. We strive to be loved and accepted despite the outcome of the situation. We personally long for one to selflessly loves us. I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this, but God loves you. He cares more about you than anyone on the face of this planet, you know why? He knows everything intimately about you before you were even born. The deepest darkest secrets that you would not even tell your closet friend, yet he still loves you.
Romans 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

God’s love is pure, true and eternal.

Man, without God’s pure Spirit dwelling in use, will find it difficult to love in purity. Love, as they say, is selfish. For instance, in marriage, we love our partner because we want to be loved back. To our kids, we love our kids because we see ourselves in them.

Pure love is loving those who have no capacity to love us back or to give us any profit. That is why we can exemplify this love if we love sinners, the poor, the needy, as God loved us while we were yet sinners.

Hello, dear @kianna
Yes, if you think about it deeply or a little philosophical, pure love is the gratification or accepting in the most pure and truest way of an individual. It may sound redundant, but pure love is caring, thinking, feeling and all that, for someone for whom he/she is, with their desires, feelings, good thing and bad things. And wanting to be a part of that, while maintaining that individuality that, well, makes that person.
God loves that way since the beginning, that’s why his love is the purest of all, but if we try a little to be like him, we can love better and in a true way.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.