What is that primary gift that has been given to you so you can bless the world?

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What is that primary gift that has been given to you so you can bless the world?

What is that primary gift that has been given to you so you can bless the world?

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I am not quite sure. But maybe I can be very understanding and I share my wisdom to people. I know we all have different beliefs and opinions. And sometimes, our differences set us apart. We tend to force other people to believe on what we believe, which I think is wrong. If you really want them to understand you, you can try to open up their minds instead of forcing them. I try to be patient with everyone I meet. I am well aware that everyone has limitations, so I try to not push them to their limits.

@kianna: hello there dear! Well for me maybe its my being generous and kind. I am not rich, but I really usually do spare my tithes to help other people. I spend most of it helping those people who are unable to eat 3x a day, to abandoned elders, and single moms etc. :wink:


Hi, @MakkaPakka! That is amazing! This world deserves more people like you! God bless you and always keep safe.

@kianna: thanks dear! But sometimes, I do have haters too :pensive::pensive::pensive:. I hear feedbacks that “I am only good to those who are needy” but not to my immediate relatives…but anyway, I am more focused to those who are really in poverty, not to those who just wait and do nothing for themselves .

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Hi @MakkaPakka thank you for this, I remember a precious gift given to me during the day that I am so much down in life. I am a victim of bullying. Once you are bullied you will suffer depression, anxiety and fear until the evil will rumor you to end your life. I’ve been there, which I want to end my life because too much pain inside me. But God gave me another chance in life. He gave me the life again, and I am very thankful to God because He changed me. Give a life as a primary Gift is a blessing to me, to share also what God has been done in my life.

Good to hear that @Bhert and welcome to our community…God will always be there for us most especially in our darkest times. All we have to do is cling to him and never forget to call unto him even in our busy days. I hope all is well with you now. Keep safe too!

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Yep, that’s life. No matter how good you are, people really have something negative to say. You are doing well, @MakkaPakka! You do you!

Thanks @kianna :kissing_heart:…true! People are going to talk about you whether you do good or bad…so we always choose to do good and nevermind the people criticizing us. In the end, it’s God who sees what we are doing and he’s the only judge we have. Thanks for lifting me up! :wink:

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Primary Gift? @MakkaPakka i think my charity skills,
when i say charity meaning i want to help other people to reach their dream but in a good way and not waiting for any return . if i know that person is willing to do it i love to boost that person… as a legend says “Be a changes you want to see in this world”

@arrol: Keep it up brother! No matter how big or small we can share, it brings happiness to those who will receive it. Always remember that “Giving without expectation leads to receiving without limitation”. God will provide everything you need, for God loves a cheerful giver…God bless you!:wink:

Hello, dear @MakkaPakka
I don’t consider me to have an amazing talent or something that distincts me from the others, but something by which I consider myself lucky, that inspires me to act and be better for and the others is mi family.
All of them had helped and motivated me to be better, to study, to go church, to be a better Christian, to act kind, to do charity, and much more things.
I think sometimes we don’t think how much of an influence our family makes into us so we can be the better version of ourselves.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

@Luis_Ruiz: That’s good to hear Sir! Growing up in a loving and supportive family can help you develop all the aspects in life, wether emotionally, spiritually etc.,and it’s true that our family shapes and mould us of who we are today. Lucky are you that you have a good relationship with your family Sir, because not all families are intact most of these days. God bless!:blush:

Hi, @MakkaPakka! I think my primary gift is a big heart that is ready to serve His people. There were times that I feel that having this gift is like having a disability because people will take advantage of you. But as I see everything in God’s eyes, I realized that it is not a disability but a blessing in disguise. God uses my heart to bless other people! :wink:

For me, I can be the light. All of us can be a light. We can bring light to dark places and people. By doing things that makes us and others feel free and peaceful, surrendering control, showing compassion and kindness to our self and others, and believing the simple truth that We are enough.

I don’t know if this is a gift from God or an attitude I developed over the years of being blessed by God. I am currently a worship leader in our church, being such I really don’t consider myself as a good singer. But what I can truly say and tell the world is my passion and love to worship my savior. I believe from the bottom of my heart that Jesus is worthy of all honor and praise. I am openly sharing to my brothers and sisters in church my encounter with my master during our praise and worship.

Hello there @kbadum…God give you that gift of having a good and big heart because he knows exactly that you have the capability to help others. Your job as a frontliner is so risky, but God never put you there to be in harm. Instead, he shield you with his loving arms while you are attending the needs of your patients. Keep up the good work @kbadum…Salute!:wink:

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Hi there @IamRichardJohn…that is a precious gift from God. He make you as an instrument to spread his good news and preach to people like he did, and not everyone is gifted by such talent. Kudos to you Sir! And continue to spread the goodness of our Lord. God bless you amd your family.:blush:

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Thank you so much for the reply @MakkaPakka, it means a lot to me. From a worship leader who is currently struggling with direction, right now I am looking at this lock down as a pause from God. A time to listen to Him and recharge. It really helps me to look back and focus myself, especially right now that our church is currently on the rebuilding stage both structurally and spiritually. God bless as well maam…

@IamRichardJohn: True! This pandemic really teaches us a lot of things. Our relationship with him was rebuild and we make him our priority now. Truly indeed that the pandemic was a reset button for us to restart our life too. A life wherein more focus to God than our career. Take care Sir! May God be with you.:blush:

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