What is the best way to preach to your old friends?

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What is the best way to preach to your old friends?

Come and see!!!

Have you have any very successful experience to preach to your old friends and classmates?

Your witness. For old friends. they know you very deep. If you can not give good witness, it’s hard for them to follow you.

I agree with you:sunny:
Sometimes our life is much stronger message than what we say.

I think they’ve had trusting relationship with you. So you can invite them into church. And when they have hardships, it is good time to preach to them.
and you life is so important.

I tell the truth!

My old classmates thought I WAS a Christian back in the 70’s. Then I walked away as I could not accomplish what I was told I must accomplish on my own. I told God “I can’t do this” after trying so hard I ended up with over 100 bleeding ulcers. This was trying of my own strength to be righteous as God wants us to be.

Then, at age 55, angry at all the lies I had been told about God (and certainly moved by Him to do this) I grabbed my dusty Bible and read it FOR MYSELF! I want to know the TRUTH not lies from various “preachers and teachers”.

It took less than a sixth of the same time (6 years of me trying compared to less than one year of just reading the Bible alone, not trying) for my whole life to be turned around. Because I understood what it said, and apparently because God decided to have great great mercy on me, a depraved wretch all my life, I was saved and given the Holy Spirit to see what the Scripture says. I repented (still do) and my whole life turned around.

My message: WE cannot do this of our own strength. It is GOD ALMIGHTY who does this amazing work. I keep reading the Bible and He keeps changing me for the better, bit by bit, day by day.

That’s my story in a nutshell. Just say it like it is, and then remember: YOU aren’t going to save a single person. GOD ALMIGHTY does that. Trust in Him. God bless.