What is the gift of God you have received?

What is the gift of God you have received?

Jesus, my Savior, my Lord

when i receive God’s salvation, i can connect with God since then. Then the Holy Spirit change me little by little. It remove my hurts, and give me hope. i begin to live with new heart. i even have hope in my life. i did not have this before. i feel boring long time, and do not want to do anything. However, Holy Spirit change me, and let me tast life. i even can feel sweet in life though my surrounding is still boring.

In addition to the gifts above written by other classmates , I have received pther spiritual gifts.I have the gift of healingm other through conversation, I mean counseling .This is not what I asked for deliberately, but what I found constantly.I found a lot of people willing to talk to me, and through communication they would be released.I think it’s amazing, it’s completely out of my reach, but it does exist.Then I went to ask God to understand that this is God’s power for me to serve more people.

The gift that our God gave to me is my one and only “Family”. family is one of the Greatest God’s Masterpiece. Family is our comfort zone, in sad times and good times.
Family is one of our foundation. What we are right now is because they are help us to reach our Goals in Life. Be thankful to our God. God knows the best for us.

I am starting to see how God blessed me with so much strength in dealing with my problems. This is something that I have seen in myself and I have also witnessed a change in how I deal with things. I used to cry my eyes out until I sleep and I still wake up sad the next day. But now, whenever life slaps me with a problem, I face it and try to solve it. I am strong because God helped me and He is beside me as I fight my battles. This has been a huge turning point in my life because I am used to seeing myself just cry and feel bad.