What is the most important goal every person should have?

What is the most important goal every person should have?

For me, I always aimed to save money not just for my family, my immediate family, but also to be able to share it with others most especially to those who are unable to meet their daily needs.

Before, I celebrate my birthdays with friends… but 5 years ago I decided not to celebrate anymore. The money that I used to prepare for my celebration goes to people who are in need. As far as I remember, I bought slippers for indigenous kids and let them eat spaghetti (who happens to be their first time to eat). Every year I have done this kind of activities, not just every year but whenever I have a chance to. And I am glad because my friends, and family are taking their part too.

I just pray to the Lord that he will continue to bless me with wisdom, good health, and a generous heart as always.:blush:

For me the most important goal every person should have is to being satisfied with the kind of life we are all living.

We can be rich, successful, popular, beautiful & every other thing we want to be. But, the only thing what we should want is to have a peaceful life. Having a satisfied life means not to have piles of money & bunch of branded cars, it means to have a lovely family where everyone love each other without any expectations. We should know that this life is too short & it goes on.

I totally agree with @Valerie!

The most important goal every person should have is the know his purpose in life.
Life without purpose is empty and meaningless.

“The greatest tragedy is not death, but life without purpose.”
— Rick Warren (Author of Purpose Driven Life book)

As each of us will know our purpose then next will be a heart to realign to its CREATOR, to have a values driven heart.

I remember the book Values Driven Heart of Joey Bonifacio.

In Summary to know GOD, and who you are to him. Then living a life loving GOD and others.

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Hi there @theenaocay! I love the book of Rick Warren and also Eckhart Tolle. Anyway, each and everyone of us has its own purpose in life, it is up to us to fulfill it. Truly indeed that if we do not have a purpose our life will me meaningless because we do not have directions. Therefore, in order to stay focus we must ask guidance to God to lead us the way he wanted us to be and be prepared to some of the rought times we will encounter. “Thy will be done Lord”.